What We Do

The Amp Shop in West Asheville, North Carolina, provides repair and maintenance services for all pro-audio equipment, including: amplifiers (power and guitar), digital and analog recording equipment, DJ equipment, effects processors, electronic drums, guitars, keyboards, lighting equipment, mixers (analog and digital), speakers (reconing, covers and cabinet), digital audio workstations, and anything else used on stage or in the studio. There are several manufacturers we won't repair, so please call first to insure that we can help you.

Authorized Warranty Service

We provide authorized warranty service for the following manufacturers: and it's sad to say, this list keeps getting smaller as more manufacturers keep cutting costs by trimming services and making it extremely difficult for service centers to obtain parts or documents...

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The Amp Shop | K&S Creations, Inc.
841 Haywood Road | Asheville, NC 28806
Phone: 828-258-0207 | Fax: 828-254-7550

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